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The Black & White Dating Show

The Black & White Dating Show is a weekly podcast / video show that allows men and women to join in and discuss relationships and dating hook-ups. It is intended for mature audiences and people with good and bad dating history.

The Black & White Dating Show is hosted by the "100% #Dateable" friends, Juliana (aka "Juelz") and Mr. Potter Esquire. #TheBlackandWhiteDatingShow





Juliana has been happily married 6 years to the love of her life.  She has had to learn the usual adjustments that come with marriage and the added twist of playing both a coparent and the role of a single mother each week, due to her husband's time-demanding career.

Through their 6 years together they’ve endured and overcame a series of trauma, loss, family matters, and more. They still fight the good fight to keep true love alive and the romance burning; truth is, he is still "the peanut butter to her jelly". 



Juliana is a full time stay-at-home mom to two amazing, rambunctious boys. 

Juliana is a natural-born realist who stays in-tune with her intuition and positive thinking.  She prides herself in her ability to connect and empathize with others on a higher and deeper level.  

In a life filled with unanswered questions and hard love, Juelz is here to help make that part just a little bit it easier for you.




As a mid-six-figure-earner, Potter is a former nightclub/touring DJ of 25 years, and former smut / womanizer.  As a touring DJ, Potter has entertained many women (in different states), had multiple girlfriends and 'situationships', and has no desire to have children... but may someday consider marriage.  

Potter is committed to living the 'James Bond' lifestyle, being what he calls, "an International Man of Leisure". 



Potter has been working in the digital marketing arena for over 20 years, with a general concentration in corporate and entertainment digital marketing, public relations, affiliate marketing, social gaming, organic and paid social media strategies, financial services, web analysis, mobile app technology, strategic planning, project management, event planning and advertising.  

Via his project management, marketing and communications proficiency, Potter has streamlined the launch of multiple products, while garnering them a branded presence within their respective categories.  Potter’s years of Wall St. media agency experience coupled with his ability to generate new ideas and concepts for his clients has played a major role in his continued success.  However, his familiarity consulting with/for start-ups has also allowed him to approach every project with the entrepreneurial spirit and an ‘I WILL NOT LOSE!’ attitude.

As a proven leader and meticulous project manager, Potter helps businesses usher in new marketing ideas as they make the shift to enhancing their marketing and communication efforts in this new multichannel digital age.  Potter is the perfect conduit to keeping businesses abreast of all of the new age ‘tastemaker’ tools and methodologies of digital marketing and public relations that are happening surrounding their target demographic.  Conversely, you can trust that Potter is also an ardent advisor to his clients in an effort to advance company priorities as well.  

As a digital marketing consultant, Potter has led company departments of ten to twenty full- and part-time staff (collocated and virtual), and has managed annual operating budgets ranging from $10k to $500k to $10 million.  

Previous clients have included: QVC, Palms Casino Resort, Kmart, Citigroup, Dell, Ascension Health, IBM, LG, AT&T, Expedia, Motorola, Triton International, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Swatch, Vibe Magazine, KING Magazine, Comedy Central, Universal Records, Clive Davis, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Vanessa Williams, Sony, Def Jam, & NBC.


Juliana & Potter are here to... "Hook, you up!" #TheBlackandWhiteDatingShow


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